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  • What makes Hale better than nose strips or cones?

    Hale’s proprietary shape is informed by CT data collected at Johns Hopkins. This ergonomic design represents the pinnacle of comfort, effectiveness, and inconspicuousness for nasal breathing aids.

  • Is Hale really comfortable to wear?

    Wearing a device in the nose is likely a new sensation. Like contact lenses or hearing aids, your body may take up to two weeks to adjust. Be patient – the benefits of nasal breathing are well worth it!

  • Can people tell when I'm wearing Hale?

    Hale was designed to balance exceptional airflow improvement with minimal aesthetic change. While you may look at yourself in the mirror and notice a difference, even your close friends and family may not.

  • How long does each Hale breathing aid last?

    Each Hale device is designed to last for 10 days of regular use. Your Hale breathing aids may last longer if you only wear them occasionally, for example during the night time or during exercise only.

  • Does Hale help with sleep apnea?

    Hale is not a replacement for CPAP for people with sleep apnea, however it may help your CPAP work better if worn in conjunction with Hale. As with any medical condition, we advise you check with your physician before using Hale.

  • Where can I get Hale refills?

    You can purchase Hale refills in your size directly from us after you purchase a starter kit. You will receive an email from us with a link to make your refill kit purchase.