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"Have Johns Hopkins Engineers Solved The Nuisance Of Nasal Congestion?"

Like a contact lens for the nose.

Experience crystal clear breathing throughout the day and night. Hale provides instant clarity and is nearly invisible to those around you.

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Meticulously engineered and tested at Johns Hopkins.

Hale's unique patented shape gently opens and supports nasal passages from the inside for optimal effectiveness, comfort, and discretion.

Mouths are for eating. Noses are for breathing.

The science is clear. Throughout the day and night, Hale is helping thousands of people to use their noses as intended and transform their quality of life.

Sleep and Snoring

Curb snoring. Sleep better. Prevent dry mouth breathing. Save your marriage.


Enhance your mood, memory, and focus. Improve dental hygiene. Reduce stress.


Push further. Recover faster. Improve blood flow. Avoid dehydration.

Recommended by doctors. Backed by science.

Our ongoing clinical trial at Johns Hopkins compares Hale against nasal strips and reconstructive surgery.









Nasal airflow increase

Quality of Life Improvement

Meet the inventor.

Patrick Byrne, MD, FACS, MBA
Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Head and Neck Institute

After two decades of diagnosing and treating nasal obstruction in the operating room, Dr. Byrne was inspired to create a simpler yet equally effective solution for his patients.

He partnered with leading biomedical engineers at Johns Hopkins to develop his patients' dream solution - a "contact lens for the nose" that instantly clarifies nasal breathing without surgery or medication.

The result is a design derived from the surgical techniques Dr. Byrne uses to open the nose in the operating room, now available as an over-the-counter device worn comfortably and discreetly in the nose.

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