What is Snoring? What Causes it?

Published On: October 22, 202116.9 min read

In its essence, snoring is the sound of the tissue in the throat vibrating as air attempts to move through it.

So why do some people snore, and others don’t?
People who snore often have too much throat tissue or their throat tissue is just particularly prone to vibrating. When trying to understand why exactly you snore, the nose is often a key but overlooked culprit.

What causes Snoring?

When obstruction occurs in the nose — due to narrow nasal passages, nasal valve collapse, deviated septum, or congestion from a cold or allergies – air has trouble flowing in and out of your nose and the trapped air causes the throat to vibrate. Someone with healthy nasal breathing can move air in and out of the lungs through your nose with less resistance, reducing the vibrations that cause snoring.

Healthy nasal breathing also causes the air you breathe to be less turbulent (it’s smoother, like a gentle breeze). This makes your throat less likely to vibrate. Think of holding your thumb over the end of a garden hose. The water moves much faster and much more chaotically than if you don’t place your thumb there. If you can’t get enough air in through your nose, your nose acts like the thumb on the garden hose and creates turbulent air. This is more likely to make your throat vibrate and cause snoring.

You may be thinking, “I don’t breathe through my nose when I sleep, I breathe through my mouth”. For many people, nasal obstruction causes challenges with breathing through the nose, and mouth breathing becomes the only option. But mouth breathing also causes snoring. This is because when you breathe through your mouth, your tongue relaxes and shifts further back in your mouth and throat, making it more prone to vibrations, which results in snoring.

Improving your nasal breathing will help your snoring

Even if you can breathe fine through your nose during the day, for many, simply lying down is enough to make nasal breathing a challenge, which can result in snoring. Improving your nasal breathing is the best way to address the root cause of snoring, and that’s where Hale comes in.

Hale is the world’s most advanced nasal breathing aid, designed by top doctors and engineers out of Johns Hopkins University. Hale was developed using high resolution nasal anatomy scans, making it the most effective nasal breathing aid available.

Unlike other nasal breathing aids, Hale was designed to conform to your unique nasal anatomy while supplying highly targeted gentle pressure directly on the nasal valve. This is the area of the nasal passage that causes difficulty breathing through the nose in most people.

By improving nasal breathing during the nighttime with Hale, you are addressing the root causes of snoring:

  • Air can more easily pass in and out of your lungs, reducing trapped air that can cause vibrations and snoring
  • Air moving through your throat will be more gentle and smooth, reducing the chance of the throat vibrations that cause snoring
  • You are much less likely to breathe through your mouth which allows your tongue to sit further forward, reducing the chance your throat will vibrate and cause snoring

Check out the Hale nasal breathing aid today, and say hello to the most serene nights you’ve experienced in a long time.

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