Update Your Subscription

You can update your subscription here at any time. To update your subscription, follow the below steps:

  1. Select the size and quantity you would like for your refill plan and add it to your cart. (1 refill plan includes 3 breathing aids)
  2. To confirm your selection, you must go through the entire checkout process. (You will not be billed until your next refill date)

Note: Selecting a quantity of 1 above means you are selecting 1 Hale refill kit subscription to be delivered monthly. Each refill kit is composed of 3 breathing aids (a one month supply with each one lasting 10 days). If you select a quantity of 3 above, that means you will receive 3 refills kits (9 breathing aids) each month. Each refill kit costs $15 per month, and you are welcome to subscribe to as many as you like at a time.

Are you looking to suspend/cancel your subscription or reorder refills early? You can do this directly in your account under "My Subscription"