How Hale Breathing Aid Remedies Snoring

Published On: October 19, 202133 min read

Millions of people deal with snoring due to interrupted breathing when they sleep. When the muscles & soft tissues in the throat relax & collapse blocking the airway, air doesn’t pass through your nose to the lungs leading to collisions with the nasal airway. The resultant sound is called snoring.

If we could simply widen the airway enough to create a passage for air to easily pass towards lungs, we could in theory get rid of snoring altogether. And that’s exactly what Hale Breathing Aid does.

What is hale breathing aid?

Hale Breathing Aid is a nasal dilator that remedies snoring by widening the nasal entrance to maximize airflow and reduce the perturbations so that you can sleep more serenely. But before we take a deep plunge into how this product works, we’d like to address some of the concerns you might already have while underlining how much of an issue snoring is.

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Why do I snore?

Snoring is caused by vibrations inside the tissues of your nasal airway, making you breathe more noisily as you sleep. It affects everyone now and again, but it can be a chronic disorder for some people.

You’re Not Alone

You’re more likely to snore if you’re overweight, a middle-aged man, elderly, or a postmenopausal woman.

The Effects of Snoring

If you snore regularly, the quality of your sleep will be disrupted; Daytime fatigue, mental fogginess, irritability and increased health disorders are some of the difficulties you may experience from sawing logs during sleep.

Sleep apnea, a chronic sleep disorder characterized by stop-start breathing as you slumber. Snoring develops if left untreated – and it can be fatal. The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates that 38,000 people in the United States die each year from heart conditions directly aggravated by sleep apnea. Other notable symptoms of sleep apnea include restlessness, night sweats, and sexual dysfunction.

Major relationship issues may arise too as your noise machine will impede your partner’s sleep quality leading to resentment. Although, sleeping in separate bedrooms may seem to be a practical remedy, who wants to be that apart from their significant other?

Thankfully, there is the intranasal dilator – a bio-mechanical device that has recorded a 75% decline in snoring, and a 78% improvement in nighttime breathing, according to Medical News Today.

How Hale Breathing Aid reduces snoring?

The purpose of a nasal dilator is to open the nostrils from the outside to make breathing through your nose easier, much like the way you raise the sides of a tent to make more room on the inside. When you breathe easier, the chances of snoring during sleep reduces significantly.

Hale is an intranasal dilator designed for the prevention of snoring using the most up-to-date manufacturing standards. Its lightweight, minimally hypoallergenic feel and ensure that you sleep unperturbed so that you can wake up feeling fresh.

How’s Hale Different?

  • It has a cushioned pad that rests against the nasal septum for stability.

  • Curved flare supports the nasal valve to improve breathing.
  • Spring-loaded hinge bends that deliver gentle pressure An easy little strap to help you pull it out.

  • Three different sizes to choose from.

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Is it easy to use Hale?

When placed the right way, Hale breathing aid gives you an immediate feeling of increased airflow.

  1. First, break it in by flexing the sides gently a few times.
  2. By hand, insert Hale by squeezing the two halves together.
  3. Insert the ends into your nostril. Push the end further into your nose. That is, squeeze-insert-nudge upwards.
  4. To remove by hand, simply tug on the band to remove.

Is Hale for me?

The device is most effective for people who have nose breathing difficulties during sleep. There are so many causal factors for labored breathing through the nose. You stand to benefit from the hale breathing aid if you have:

  • A deviated septum – which makes it difficult to breathe from one side of the nose.
  • Allergies
  • Common cold
  • Sinus infection
  • Chronic nasal infection
  • Nasal polyps
  • Narrow nasal passages

Try hale and see it for yourself.

Snoring is a common challenge that many people may experience in their lifetime. To get your life back on track, we have developed hale breathing aid – an inexpensive, and drug-free solution to reduce snoring, particularly, when the snoring is as a result of a blocked or narrow passageway. Order here and save your marriage from the curse of the snoring spouse.

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